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South Paris is a Census-designated place located within Paris, Maine. Its small population stands at about 2,237 people. The Census designation only refers to a densely settled area, but the whole town is located within the South Paris zip code. In densely populated locations, car collisions can be particularly devastating because multiple vehicles are likely to be involved.

Apportionment of Liability in Maine Multi-Car Accidents

In a multi-car collision, it can be tricky to sort out who was at fault, but sorting this out is critical to recovering the full amount of damages you deserve. Often an accident reconstruction expert must be retained to testify as to an appropriate apportionment of liability. He or she will look closely at the physical evidence from the accident, such as skid marks on the road, damage to all the vehicles, and accounts from witnesses of how the chain of events unfolded.

A complex car accident case frequently rides on the credibility of each party's experts. Credibility comes from not only their experience and credentials but also how they appear on the stand and their reputation with insurance adjusters. Accordingly, selection of experts can prove to be one of the most critical aspects of preparing your case. It is vital to choose an experienced, knowledgeable attorney who will know which experts to enlist on your behalf.

The jury will weigh the credibility of each expert's testimony and other evidence in making a determination of fault. It will apportion fault among all parties. Typically, one or more defendants will raise the defense that the accident victim is partly or wholly to blame for his or her injuries. If you are found 50 percent or more at fault for the accident, you will not be able to recover.

Maine follows a modified form of joint and several liability. “Joint liability” is the idea that all the defendants are liable together, and you can recover your damages from any one of them individually. "Several liability" is the notion that every wrongdoer is liable only for his or her respective obligations based on their percentage of fault. In a pure joint and several liability case, the risk of insolvency and the burden of finding and pursuing non-party tortfeasors is placed on defendants. A victim need sue only one defendant, and that defendant will have to pursue the others to seek contributions from them.

In Maine, you can place the risk of insolvency on defendants only if you are not found 50 percent or more at fault. In many cases, it is wiser to bring in everyone who is responsible for an accident in the event that any one of them is insolvent. You can pursue a partial or full recovery from the defendants who are found liable.

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