Recalled/Defective Prosthesis

The Maine defective prosthesis recall attorneys at Peter Thompson & Associates are industry leaders in medical malpractice law. We use innovative technology and leading medical experts to evaluate defective medical implants and prosthetics that seriously injure patients. Our firm is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation to injury victims throughout Maine.

Medical prosthetics are generally used to replace missing body parts and internal organs. Prosthetics not only substitute for limbs and joints, but they are also used to support organs and tissues in the body. Most implants, for example, are prosthetics that can be used to deliver medication, monitor body functions, solder broken bones, and prevent against cardiac arrest. Depending on their purpose, implants and prosthetics may remain in the body for a temporary, permanent, or indefinite period. Prosthetics can be made from skin, bone, or other body tissues or from synthetic materials such as metal, ceramic, or plastic. Manufacturers are constantly researching new prosthetics to market to surgeons each day.

Common prosthetics include:

  • Hearing aids
  • Gastric bands
  • Artificial eyes
  • Palatal obturator
  • Dentures, veneers
  • Breast and penis implants
  • Chemotherapy screws
  • Heart valves and stents
  • Transvaginal or pelvic mesh
  • Hip, knee, shoulder implants

Prosthetics are useful to replace body parts that are either compromised through trauma or missing from birth. But like any surgical implant, they also have risks. First, any negligence during the surgical procedure could result in bruising, pain, swelling, and infection. Second, the body may reject the graft, requiring its removal. Some implants, like pelvic mesh, are very difficult to remove and can remain in the body, causing a host of adverse effects. Finally, the prosthesis itself may be defective and cause numerous complications that, over time, significantly worsen the patient’s quality of life. Manufacturers recall thousands of prosthetics each year, affecting millions who suffer similar injuries caused by the defective implant.

Doctors have a duty to obtain the informed consent of the patient before performing a prosthetic operation. They are also held to a high standard of care in carrying out the procedure. Any mishaps during the surgery may fall below that legal standard and subject the physician to a medical malpractice suit. Once the patient reports issues with the implant, such as pain, decreased mobility, or other indications of malfunction, physicians have a duty to rule out other sources of complication and advise the patients of their safest options regarding the implant.

Manufacturers of prosthetics also have a duty to make state-of-the-art devices that benefit the patient. They breach that duty when there is a flaw in the product’s make, model, or design. Defective prosthetics can malfunction, severely injuring the patient. Heart implants, for instance, “misfire” when the wires are exposed, sending the patient into cardiac arrest. Pelvic mesh can also infect connective tissue, causing serious urinary and reproductive issues. Hip implants may be recalled when they prematurely break, causing chronic pain and arthritic symptoms. Manufacturers must recall defective products and warn consumers of foreseeable harm. They are strictly liable for any harm caused by malfunctioning or defective prosthetics.

If you were harmed by a recalled prosthetic, contact the experienced Maine defective prosthesis recall lawyers at Peter Thompson & Associates today. Chances are you are not the only patient experiencing problems. Millions suffer from medical complications caused by defective prosthetics each day. Whether your injury was caused by a device malfunction or surgical error, our seasoned attorneys and medical experts will ensure that all responsible parties are held liable for your harm. At Peter Thompson & Associates, we are dedicated to helping you recover the compensation you deserve. Call 800.804.2004 for a free consultation or contact us online.

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