Paving and Road Construction Accident Attorneys

As the number of vehicles travelling throughout Maine increases, so does the amount of construction projects that drivers encounter along the way. While construction projects, including road maintenance, repairs and paving, are essential, they can create unnecessary hazards for drivers and construction workers alike. Normally, contractors are highly trained at redirecting traffic and, are also knowledgeable of the local, state and federal laws that are meant to ensure the safety of drivers as they enter dangerous construction zones. However, sometimes they make mistakes, which can cause injury and even death to others, including bicyclists, pedestrians, motorists, and road workers.

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Common Causes of Construction Accidents in Maine

While construction accidents can happen for a whole host of different reasons, the most common causes in Maine are as follows:

  • Independent construction companies sometimes lack the knowledge and training necessary to ensure the safety of drivers within construction zones.
  • Contractors and their employees may fail to appreciate how certain dangerous weather conditions such as ice and snow can make it more difficult to safely maneuver in construction sites.
  • Inattentive drivers are also responsible for construction zone accidents, as they may not be observing traffic safety rules necessary to prevent collisions with construction workers and/or site equipment.
  • Improper signage. A lack of proper signage may not give drivers the time they need to adjust their speed as they enter a construction site.
  • Construction sites often share space with vehicles traveling at high rates of speed. This means that even the smallest misplacement of equipment, road markers, or signage could create unnecessarily dangerous road hazards.
  • Unmarked road hazards, such as bumps, curves or dips, may not provide drivers with adequate notice necessary to slow down or stop when they approach these highly dangerous conditions.
Why Peter Thompson & Associates?

While personal injury attorneys in the United States are a dime a dozen, not all lawyers are qualified to handle paving and road construction accidents. At Peter Thompson & Associates, our attorneys have successfully handled many road construction and paving accident cases. Since these types of cases can be rather complex, it is crucial to hire someone that has the knowledge and experience to get you results. The attorneys at Peter Thompson & Associates leave no stone unturned and, will take all steps necessary to hold those accountable for your injuries.

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