Mechanical Failure

The Maine mechanical failure attorneys of Peter Thompson & Associates have established a reputation for excellence in personal injury law. We are dedicated to helping accident victims injured by mechanical failures recover the compensation they deserve. Our firm provides unparalleled legal service to injury victims and families throughout Maine.

Recent statistics have shown that modern car buyers understand less and less about their cars. We have become more dependent on dealers and mechanics to provide routine tune-ups and perform repairs. Unfortunately, the same technology that has given us increasingly sophisticated vehicles has also thrown a wrench into simple repairs. Most cars now have electric glitches that can light up all the warning signals and deactivate the engine. Even for the local mechanic, modern cars present modern obstacles to fixing a light or replacing a part. While most of us rely on our technologically-improved vehicles, we have also become more vulnerable to mechanical failures.

The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that up to 20% of all car accidents are caused by mechanical failure. Some of these accidents are the result of owner negligence, while others are caused by faulty parts or service. When a mechanical failure causes an accident resulting in injury, the at-fault parties are liable to the victim in damages. In these cases, there might be more than one liable party because there are so many places where the part or service could have gone wrong. Some defects do not manifest themselves until months or years after the initial purchase or service. Because these crashes involve more than one party, the injured victim may have a cause of action against multiple defendants. Common examples of mechanical failures include:

  • Defective brakes
  • Sliding floor mats
  • Underinflated tires
  • Loose bolts, lug nuts
  • Broken alternator belt
  • Failure in wheel-bearing
  • Defective aftermarket parts
  • Malfunction causing rollover
  • Faulty engine, safety controls
  • Substandard installation or repair

Most mechanical failures are caused by defective parts. Leading car manufacturers recall hundreds of cars each year due to malfunctioning brake lights, flawed gears, or combustible parts. The flaw can occur at any point in the car’s make, model, or design. Manufacturers have a duty to correct these defects and warn consumers of harm. If they breach this duty, they are strictly liable for any injuries that result. This means the end user does not have to prove negligence to recover.

Consumers often suffer the same injury caused by the flawed part. They may file a class action lawsuit against the dealer or manufacturer for damages. Beyond the car maker, importers, distributors, and sellers of defective goods may also be held liable for mechanical failures. Vendors of used cars and parts may also be liable for breach of warranty or disclosure. In these cases, the injured victim is entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost income, as well as pain and suffering. In some cases, the injured party may recover attorney’s fees and costs. Courts may also award punitive damages where manufacturers show gross negligence or indifference to human life.

If you were injured because of a mechanical failure, contact the experienced Maine mechanical failure lawyers at Peter Thompson & Associates today. We can evaluate your case and help you identify all liable parties at no up-front to you. For years, we have been recognized for our excellence in personal injury law. We have successfully handled all types of cases involving mechanical failures, recovering substantial verdicts and settlements for our clients. Whether the failure was caused by a faulty part or negligent repair, our first priority is to defend your legal rights and assist you in obtaining the compensation you deserve. We do not get paid unless you do. for a free consultation with one of our skilled mechanical failure attorneys, call 800.804.2004 or contact us online.

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