Local motorcycle events

Local Motorcycle Events in Maine

Peter Thompson & Associates have offices in Portland and Bangor in Maine. This allows our experienced motorcycle injury attorneys to meet easily with insurers. However, we also do home and hospital visits all around the state from Kennebunk to Presque Isle and from Bar Harbor to Auburn. There are thousands of Maine motorcycle events for bike enthusiasts. These include motorcycle rallies, rides, swap meets, bike show and biker parties. These events can be very fun for participants. The last thing you think as you're riding down the freeway with friends is that you'll be hurt. However, events involving large numbers of people can present unique risks. If you're involved with a local motorcycle event and get hurt, our experienced Maine motorcycle injury attorneys can help you recover compensation for your losses.

Popular Maine motorcycle events include Armed Forces Day Awareness Ride, Maine Veterans Memorial Ride, Vintage Motorcycle Meet & Antique Aeroplane Show, Stoney's Lobster Run and Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day. Some of these enjoyable events are put on for charity. Regardless of which event you attend, you should be careful and use good judgment while riding.

Negligence in Maine

Even when you ride safely, you can be injured due to somebody else's negligence while riding at a motorcycle rally or other event. Consider for example a rally during a previous year in which a group of motorcycles confronted an SUV carrying a family of three, including a two-year-old, for calling 911 to report the bikers' allegedly erratic driving during a rally. During the confrontation, the SUV driver hit the gas and ran over a rider, trying to get away. The group of motorcyclists gave chase, pulled the SUV driver from the car and beat him so that he required stitches.

A driver can be sued for negligence where a plaintiff can show (1) duty, (2) breach of duty, (3) injuries and (4) causation. A rally resulting in serious injuries can present a number of factual disputes. In the example above, was the SUV simply protecting himself in trying to drive away? Did he owe the biker a duty given the fact that the biker had gotten off his bike in the middle of the road with a group of other bikers to confront him? While riding in a rally, motorcyclists continue to owe other motorcyclists and vehicles a duty of care. They are also owed a duty of care by other drivers.

While the example above clearly has significant factual issues, either party in a negligence lawsuit can bring a motion for summary judgment if there are no issues of material fact or where it is clear that the other party cannot prove one of the elements of negligence. A summary judgment motion, if granted by a judge, removes a case from the province of the jury. For example, if you sign up for a rally and sign a waiver before participating, agreeing that the rally organizers have no duty to keep you safe, you may not be able to sue those organizers even if their actions cause your accident.

Maine Motorcycle Injury Attorneys That Can Help You Recover

If you are hurt at a local motorcycle event, there may be multiple parties responsible, including the organizers, other motorcyclists or drivers. A knowledgeable Maine motorcycle injury attorney can evaluate your particular factual situation to see whether it is appropriate to bring a lawsuit. We can help you obtain compensation for your losses. Contact Peter Thompson & Associates at 1.800.804.2004 or via our online form.

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