Injuries Caused By Food Poisoning

When you purchase food, you trust that what you're buying is safe to eat. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Improper handling and storage of food can lead to food poisoning, which may result in hospitalization or even death. When someone is killed or severely injured as a result of food poisoning, the injured party may be able to pursue a claim for damages against the person or business entity that was responsible for the defective food product which caused the illness.

Food Poisoning Facts

Food poisoning is more common than many people realize. Each year, approximately one out of every six Americans experiences food poisoning. Some cases of food poisoning are more severe than others. It is estimated that nearly one hundred and thirty thousand people are hospitalized and three thousand are killed by food poisoning each year.

Who May be Liable for my Injuries?

Individuals and businesses which prepare food that is offered to the public are required by law to know and use proper food handling, serving, and storage techniques. From the cook who makes your breakfast at the cozy little diner downtown to the suppliers who produce food which is sold at the big grocery store down the road, there are parties who are responsible for ensuring that the food you eat is safe for you to consume.

When someone is affected by a severe case of food poisoning, they may be hospitalized for a week or more. Such a lengthy hospitalization can result in lost wages and sizeable medical bills. As you can imagine, a person with severe food poisoning experiences a great deal of pain and suffering as the illness runs its course. When a case of food poisoning results in death, the family of the victim experiences a tragic loss. If you or someone that you love has been injured or killed by a severe case of food poisoning, know that you may be able to recover damages from the party or parties who are responsible for providing the defective food product.

Some food poisoning cases are isolated incidents, while others are related to similar cases that can all be traced back to a common source. Whether your foodborne illness claim is a singular event or part of a larger outbreak does not matter. If you have been severely harmed or if someone close to you has died as a result of food poisoning, the people who were responsible for the quality of the food product that caused the illness are liable for your damages because they caused the food to be available to the public in a defective condition.

Since food poisoning cases involve evidence which may not be available, i.e. leftover food from the batch which caused the illness, a skilled personal injury lawyer can help you to find other sources of information which will support your claim for damages. From restaurant inspection reports to prior complaints and inspection records from food manufacturing facilities, your attorney knows where to look to find the information that will make your case.

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