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Houlton, Maine

Car Accidents in Houlton, Maine

Located in Aroostook County in Maine, the small city of Houlton is also known as "Shire town." Maine is a relatively safe place to drive, but as in any other place car accidents in Houlton can result in devastating damages. Sometimes the parties have different accounts of what caused the accident or don't remember what happened. Peter Thompson & Associates can investigate the facts of your car wreck with the help of an accident reconstruction specialist, when appropriate. We can also fully evaluate the possible damages you may be able to recover.

Damages and Mitigation of Damages

If you are able to show a defendant's negligence, you may be able to recover compensatory damages including past and future medical expenses, out-of-pocket expenses, past and future lost wages, loss of enjoyment and pain and suffering. However, you should not assume you will recover every single item of damage, no matter its cost. Maine follows a doctrine called “mitigation of damages.”

You must mitigate your damages if you are hurt in a Houlton car accident. This means you should guard against the exacerbation of any of your losses. The defense attorney will look for ways that you could have prevented any injury or damage from being as bad as it was or avoided being as hurt as you were. For example, if you do not bother to go get treatment immediately after a car accident and as a result your injuries are worsened, and then you choose to go to a luxury clinic, you may not be found to have mitigated your damages. Similarly, if you can feel that you have broken a bone after an accident and elect to do heavy housework, resulting in more severe injuries, you might not be found to have mitigated your damages.

Suppose on the other hand, that you do not take due precautions before the accident happens. In that case, you may be found to be comparatively negligent. Mitigation of damages is usually applicable after an accident has already happened. A jury will consider whether a plaintiff failed to behave reasonably in Maine when determining who was at fault for an accident. Plaintiffs who are 50% or more at fault for injuries after a car accident will not be able to recover any of their damages.

For example, if you are speeding and not wearing a seatbelt and get into a collision with someone who runs a red light, a jury could find you comparatively negligent. If they assess your fault at 50% or higher, you may be barred from recovering at all. These limits on your ability to recover are why it is so important to retain a personal injury attorney, rather than try to represent yourself.

Consult Diligent Houlton Car Accident Attorneys

If you are hurt in an auto accident in Houlton, an experienced personal injury lawyer can work up a strong case on your behalf. Maine has a six-year statute of limitations, but defense attorneys and insurers will start investigating the facts of a case immediately following the accident. It is important not to give the other side an undue advantage. You should consult with your own attorney as soon as you realize you may have a claim. Contact the lawyers of Peter Thompson & Associates at 1-800-804-2004 or via our online form for a free consultation.