Dangerous Drugs

There seems to be a drug to treat every condition imaginable these days. In the past, prescription medications were typically used for conditions that truly required the administration of medications, such as the need for antibiotics or pain medication following a surgery. Today, there are medications that are not medically necessary for a patient to live a healthy life. These are sometimes considered elective medications that do not really treat a serious medical condition. Examples include Viagra and other erectile dysfunction medications, low testosterone medications, and medication to treat hair loss. While not all “elective” medications are unsafe, there are drugs on the market today that have proven to be dangerous and life-threatening.

Drugs are considered to be dangerous when a large number of people suffer the same injury or injuries after ingesting the drug. Such injuries may include heart attacks, congestive heart failure, stroke, blood clots, neurological disorders, chronic pain, lowered immune system, and the need for continued medical treatment, among many others. The Federal Drug Administration (“FDA”) oversees the safety and efficacy of all drugs (both prescription and over the counter), and devices. Many people believe that if the FDA has approved a drug, then that drug must be safe. This should be true, but unfortunately, this is not the case with some drugs.

Examples of Dangerous Drugs

Many people are aware of drugs and devices that are dangerous from seeing advertisements on television or online, or from hearing about the dangerous drugs from word of mouth. Dangerous drugs that have led to thousands of lawsuits include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Fen Phen – a diet drug used to help with weight loss caused thousands of people to suffer heart-related injuries and even death
  • Avandia – a drug used to treat diabetes caused thousands of people to suffer heart-related injuries and even death
  • Reglan – a drug used to treat GERD and other stomach conditions caused thousands of people to suffer from Tardive Dyskinesia and other neurological movement disorders that are much like Parkinson’s Disease, causing individuals to have chronic, involuntary movements that are permanent
  • SSRI Drugs (Anti-Depressants) – drugs used to treat depression and other mental conditions have caused thousands of children to suffer birth defects when the mother took the medication during pregnancy, especially early on in the pregnancy
  • Low T Drugs – drugs used to treat men with low testosterone levels, causing them to suffer heart attacks, strokes, and other injuries

In addition to dangerous drugs, there are also dangerous devices that have been implanted into individuals, causing serious internal injuries. A recent example includes transvaginal mesh and slings that are used to treat female pelvic conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. These implants have been known to cause women to suffer from chronic pain, the need for hysterectomies, the worsening of the conditions that the implant is supposed to treat, and the need for subsequent procedures to remove or replace the implant.

Because the pharmaceutical industry continues to grow exponentially, there will likely be new dangerous drugs on the market that will harm thousands of people. You have a right to know how dangerous the drugs are that you are taking, and warnings for potential side effects should be made clear to all consumers. When dangerous drugs hurt and kill, you need a Maine injury attorney by your side to hold drug companies responsible for selling drugs that harm innocent people.

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