Commercial Truck Drivers are Involved in Hit-and-Run Accidents

There are many reasons why a driver who has been involved in an accident many not stop at the scene of the crash. The driver may have been impaired at the time of the accident and might want to avoid the police until he has had time to minimize the chance of testing positive on any chemical test. The driver may have been texting and driving or was engaged in some other activity that led to the crash. In addition, the driver may not have had a license or the right insurance. For a commercial truck driver, his or her livelihood rests on having a clean driving record and the motivation to flee the accident site may be even greater. Although it may be difficult for a victim of a hit-and-run crash to identify and hold accountable the responsible party, it is not impossible.

Maine Requires Drivers Involved in a Crash to Stop at the Scene

Pursuant to Maine Revised Statutes section 2251 et. seq., a driver who is involved in an accident resulting in injuries is required to:

  • Stop at the scene of the accident – the driver must stop immediately;
  • Provide the relevant information, including name and address, vehicle identification, driver’s license details, and proof of insurance; and
  • Provide assistance to the extent possible.

If a driver fails to do this, he is in violation of state law and faces serious criminal charges.

Large Truck Drivers Involved in Hit-and-Run Accidents

With more than eight million commercial trucks on the roads throughout the country, crashes with other motor vehicles, bicycles, or even pedestrians are inevitable. When the truck driver chooses to run from the damage that he caused rather than face the consequences, it may seem like there is nothing for the victim to do, but there are options. Here are some suggestions for the victim:

  • Call the police immediately – they will be able to start the investigation to identify and track down the hit-and-run driver. In addition, the accident report is an important piece of evidence in any personal injury claim that may be filed.
  • Record the details of the accident as soon as possible – writing down the description of the driver and the truck can help track down the individual or, at least, the trucking company. Many times, there will be logos or some other identifying details on the cab or trailer. Any information can help, including partial phone numbers or vehicle identification numbers on the truck itself.
  • Identify all witnesses – in a hit-and-run case, gathering as many details as possible may require talking to a group of people who all may have seen a piece of the total picture. It is imperative to collect the names and contact information from any potential witnesses before they leave the accident location.
  • Find any photographic or video evidence – there are cameras mounted in many obscure places today. Doing some legwork, or finding the right attorney who will conduct an investigation separate from the police, can lead to critical information.

Even if the driver cannot be identified, it may be possible to file a claim with your insurance carrier based on an uninsured or underinsured motorist situation. Despite the actions of the truck driver, it is possible to get the compensation that you need to recover with the right help.

Peter Thompson & Associates Fight for Truck Accident Victims

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